We are your Global Shop Solutions Support Team

Always there in the background helping you get the most from your GSS ERP.

The Way our Assessment Process Works for You!


We connect and start the process learning about your company, your operations, people, and needs.  This starts typically with a email request, or a phone call.  We send you some assessment surveys that allow us to narrow in on specifics faster, and then we move to discovery.


We dig into finding your pain points, what would make you better, faster, stronger, or more responsive to your markets and customers. Communication with your team is key in this phase.  It is were your team gets their core direction from on what we are doing.


We rough out scope or work, blocks of hours, and any customization to truly understand what you need to make sure we assign you to our team of GSS specialists to make this a reality.  Our intent isn't to use the Scope of work to confine the project, but to define the projects intent and ensure a rapids delivery.

Scope of Work

The scope of work defines what we are delivering to you, it helps you know what to expect and helps us speed up time to delivery. It isn't designed to be a limiting document, but one to guide the project.

We are the fastest growing and most adaptive Global Shop Solutions Consulting company.


We are here to HELP!

GSS is a powerful system, but at times can be confusing how to get the output, results, or performance you need.  We work with you on blocks of time to be your on-going resource.

Driving Continuous Improvement

Global Shop Solutions is your ERP.  You need to be maximizing the information coming out of it.  We work with you to proactively drive constant and consistent improvement of your systems.

Just for Me.

Being a boxed off the shelf system Global Shop Solutions is a powerful tool, but doesn't always have everything you need set specific to your companies needs.  These need to be custom built.  Reports, Dashboards, information flow.   All vital to the successful operation of your business.

Getting Going is Easy


We find, and identify your needs and work with your to build a viable solution.


We put in writing our deliverable to you, it is our scope of work promise.


We will revise, refine, and define as needed to reach a point of engagement with you.


We deliver on time the scope of work, regardless of if it is consulting, integration, or customization.

Get us set up as your 

Global Shop Solutions Team Today

We don't need help, we just need customization.


Customized Reports

We don't need support, we just need to get better reports built for the company.

 Customized Dashboards

We need to have our information at our finger tips to keep a pulse on the business.   We really only need to get a nice dashboard built that gives us that information.