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We are the leading GSS GAB Consulting Firm

OYBI pronounced (Oye-Bee) is for Own Your Business Intelligence.  

We specialize in helping companies like yours get the most of our you Global Shop Solutions (GSS) ERP.   Our goal is to be your expert resources in GSS not only helping you maximize the system and productivity, but also to help you achieve these improvements faster.   Saving you time and money.

We are your best option when it comes to help with GSS and issues you might have with understanding how the system can best be utilized to improve your bottom line.

Our Purpose          Your Benefit

Proactive Focus

We are looking out for you and focused on your needs and goals. Helping you understand how to leverage GSS.  This means you are not given cookie cutter solutions, and you are always moving forward with a team that know you.

Time Savings 

We have the expertise and experience to help identify your needs, educate, train, or build what you require, several times faster than you or your team can do it on your own.


We set our system up to be a long-term member of your team.  We support you with more than 30 years of GSS knowledge, so we can help you no matter what you need

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